Wonder Woman Through The Years

Happy 75th birthday, Wonder Woman! Here’s a rundown of the Amazonian warrior’s screen exploits over the decades…


Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? (1967)

Unfortunately, the first attempt to bring Wonder Woman to the screen was this hideously dated comedy. Titled Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?, it presented the character as a dowdy woman (Ellie Wood Walker) berated by her mother for not finding herself a man. When she becomes Wonder Woman (Linda Harrison), however, she… stands around in front of the mirror all day. From the makers of the Batman TV show, only a pilot was made. Thankfully.


Super Friends (1973-1986)


The most enduring portrayal of Wonder Woman to date is the beloved – and hugely long-running – Super Friends cartoon series. Famously, the show tried to make the Justice League more kid-friendly by renaming them and giving them new sidekicks – ordinary kids Wendy and Marvin and the Scooby Doo-like Wonder Dog. Wonder Woman was played by Shannon Farnon, Connie Caulfield and B.J. Ward over the years.


Wonder Woman: The TV Movie (1974)


The first live-action Wonder Woman that made it to the airwaves was this very different TV movie. More inspired by spy fiction than comic books, Diana Prince (Cathy Lee Crosby) was a secret agent with an array of hi-tech gadgets. The character is also almost unrecognizable in a very different costume (and blonde hair). The movie got enough interest to warrant a TV series. But not without a few changes…



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