Top 10 Halloween Episodes from Cartoon Shows

5. Trials of the Demon – Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Season 1 Episode 15)


Batman thwarts evil for the sake of justice in two stories: the first where he faces off the Scarecrow with help from Jay Garrick’s Flash and the second where he investigates a case with Sherlock Holmes to clear Jason Blood’s (Etrigan) name.


4. The Uncertainty Principle – Spectacular Spiderman (Season 1 Episode 9)


Things come to head for Spider-Man on Halloween Night as he faces off the Green Goblin and learns a terrible secret.


3. Eye of the Beholder – Gargoyles (Season 2 Episode 7)


There is a monster terrorizing the New York City! While Goliath and Eliza suspect that their old enemy David Xanatos is behind it, there is a far more terrifying truth.


2. Secrets – Young Justice (Season 1 Episode 18)


Artemis and Zatanna battle a deranged young man calling himself Harm who has unleashed a powerful mystical force. Luckily, they have help in the form of a mysterious young girl who can only say one word: Secret.


1. Summerween – Gravity Falls (Season 1 Episode 12)


The people of Gravity Falls love Halloween so much they have it twice a year – calling it Summerween. Dipper and Mabel get more than they bargained when Dipper accidentally insults the Summerween Trickster and are forced to fulfill a candy quota lest they been eaten.


Bubbling under: Spongebob Sqaurepants: Scaredy Pants, Recess: The Terrifying Tales of Recess, My Little Pony: Luna Eclipsed and Fairly Odd Parents: Scary GodParents.

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