A Guide to Every Version of The Doctor on Doctor Who

The Sort-of Doctors


Morbius Doctors (1976)


Played by: George Gallacio, Robert Holmes, Graeme Harper, Douglas Camfield, Philip Hinchcliffe, Christopher Baker, Robert Banks Stewart, and Christopher Barry

Doctor Who? In ‘The Brain of Morbius’rogue Time Lord monster Morbius challenges the Fourth Doctor to a mind-melding battle – with their thoughts appearing on a monitor. As Morbius is winning he probes deeper into the Doctor’s psyche. His faces rolls back on the screen… until we see eight new incarnations we have never met before!


The Watcher (1981)

Played by: Adrian Gibbs

Doctor Who? In his final adventure ‘Logopolis’, the Fourth Doctor is haunted everywhere he goes by a strange, ethereal figure he calls the Watcher. Upon his regeneration at the end of the story, the Watcher’s spirit blends with the Doctor. It is suggested that he acted as the grim reaper to the Doctor, a ghost of his regeneration echoing back in time.


The Other First Doctor (1983)

Played by: Richard Hurndall

Doctor Who? By the time of the show’s 20th anniversary special ‘The Five Doctors’, original star William Hartnell had passed away. As such, the role was recast with a new actor decked out in a wig and Hartnell-esque outfit. The change of appearance was swept under the carpet.


The Valeyard (1986)

Played by: Michael Jayston

Doctor Who? When the Doctor was placed on trial by the Time Lords in multi-part epic ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’, it was revealed in the final episode that the Doctor’s crooked prosecutor was actually.. himself! Well, sort of. Apparently, the so-called Valeyard was a distillation of the Doctor’s evil nature, spawned at some point between his twelfth and final incarnations.


The Dream Lord (2010)

Played by: Toby Jones

Doctor Who? Similar to the Valeyard, when the TARDIS was infected by parasitic psychic pollen in ‘Amy’s Choice’, it sent the Doctor into a dream world and gave the Time Lord’s darker impulses a form. An impish, mischievous figure, he called himself the Dream Lord and delighted in tormenting his good side.



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