FF’s 15 Favourite Female Characters of 2016

We rank our favourite female characters that first appeared on our screens (both silver and small) in 2016…


The Ancient One, Doctor Strange


There was a lot controversy around casting Caucasian Tilda Swinton in the usual Asian role of The Ancient One in Doctor Strange but the casting was a good one as it avoided a hoary stereotype and gave the brilliant Swinton a chance to play an unusual role for a woman: the wise mentor.


Kelly and Yorkie, Black Mirror


Sci-fi anthology show Black Mirror had its best episode ever this year in uplifting love story ‘San Junipero’. Without going into spoilers, the tender romance between 80s twentysomethings Kelly and Yorkie (beautifully played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis) was an emotional rollercoaster.


Jyn Erso, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


The increasing female presence in the Star Wars franchise is a joy to behold and Rogue One followed on from The Force Awakens nicely by featuring Felicity Jones’ tragic rebel wild child at its core. Even if the rest of the movie was quite male-centric.


Misty Knight, Luke Cage


The show might have been called Luke Cage but the Marvel Netflix drama really belonged to its female leads. Simone Missick was a gutsy, smart and streetsmart detective who was more than a match for the man with unbreakable skin. We look forward to seeing Misty team up with The Defenders next year.



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