Fandom Factory’s Superhero Awards of 2016

Best Superhero Movie Couple


And The Runners-up Are…

4. Other – 6%

3. Harley and Joker – 26%

2. Wade and Vanessa Р29%


And The Winner Is…

1. Clark and Lois – 39%


Comment:¬†The year’s two quirky couples – Harley and the Joker and Wade and Vanessa – were neck and neck for second place but ultimately fans can’t get enough of Clark Kent and Lois Lane; the most definitive comic book romance of all time. On a side note, I did request that anyone voting for ‘Other’ leave a comment about who they had in mind, but no one did. Did these people vote for Steve and Sharon Carter, maybe? Or possibly Scott Summers and Jean Grey?



2 thoughts on “Fandom Factory’s Superhero Awards of 2016

    1. Yeah, I was also shocked at this result! I agree with you about DC’s live-action movies this year. On the other hand, they did have a good year for TV and a decent one for their animated movies. Still, Marvel was solid in every area so I think they deserved to win.

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