16 Greatest Superhero Couples in Comic Book History

12. Black Panther and Storm


Though they are now divorced, X-Men’s Storm and Wakandan king Black Panther were one of Marvel’s most powerful couples for years, in terms of superpowers and political power.


11. Aquaman and Mera


Another royal power couple are Arthur Curry and Mera, the king and queen of Atlantis. Originally an assassin meant to kill him, Mera fell for Aquaman and now they rule the seas together.


10. Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman


The ma and pa of Marvel’s First Family, Reed Richards and Sue Storm have one of the smoothest romances in comics – though events like Civil War have occasionally strained their marriage.


9. Midnighter and Apollo


Hailing from DC’s WildStorm imprint, Apollo and Midnighter were intended to subvert the usual tropes – they are basically Superman and Batman reimagined as an openly gay couple.




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