16 Greatest Superhero Couples in Comic Book History

4. Batman and Catwoman


Because they are on different sides of the law, Batman and Catwoman can never be together – but that hasn’t stopped those crazy kids from trying to make it work over the years.


3. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage


The most realistic comic book couple in many ways, Jessica and Luke have stumbled their way through life together like most actual couples, which makes them easy to root for.


2. Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson


Gwen Stacy might have been his first love, but Peter and MJ are for the ages. Their marriage in the main continuity might have been dissolved, but at least Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows has resurrected Mr and Mrs Parker on another Earth.


1. Superman and Lois Lane


There is no comic book couple more famous than Superman and Lois Lane – the love “triangle” between Superman/Clark and Lois is superhero romance 101. Similar to Peter and MJ, the pair are currently married with a super-son (though they are trapped on the wrong Earth. Because comics).

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