16 Greatest Superhero Couples in Comic Book History

8. Wiccan and Hulkling


One is the son of Scarlet Witch and Vision, the other is a Hulk. It’s an unlikely pairing but these two Young Avengers teammates managed to find young love together.


7. Green Arrow and Black Canary


Oliver Queen and Black Canary didn’t start out as a couple when they were created in the 1940s but over the years the pair of Justice Leaguers have become almost inseparable.


6. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy


OK, these guys aren’t heroes but their relationship is a lot more healthy than Harley’s more controversial one with the Joker. Sure, they’re supervillains, but why can’t they be happy too?


5. Cyclops and Jean Grey


The romance between Scott Summers and Jean Grey is an infamously troubled one – not least because Jean keeps dying – but their love has managed to last through major setbacks.




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