The Buffyverse’s 50 Greatest Episodes (Part One)

45. Lies My Parents Told Me (BTVS – S7E17)


Spike’s origins are further explored in this look at his transformation from Victorian fop to fun-loving vampire. A brilliant exploration of how far he has come – and yet how he has always been the same.


44. Home (ANG – S4E22)


Angel season four pulled a ‘Restless’ with its finale – with the season’s story arc wrapped up in the previous episode, it looks to the season ahead. Team Angel are taking over Wolfram & Hart…


43. Selfless (BTVS – S7E05)


Anya’s version of ‘Lies My Parents Told Me’, if you like, as her years as a vengeance demon are explored. The highlight has to be the Once More With Feeling flashback with a new song to boot.


42. Five By Five/Sanctuary (ANG – S1E18/19)


Faith crosses over to Angel for a pair of episodes that see her at her darkest but then start her on the road to redemption. Angel and Faith’s dynamic is always fascinating.


41. Orpheus (ANG – S4E15)


Like in this one, for instance. Only Faith can handle Angellus, as the gang work to restore Angel’s soul. The ‘Return of Angellus’ arc ends in style – complete with a guest role for Willow!



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