The Buffyverse’s 50 Greatest Episodes (Part One)

40. Conversations with Dead People (BTVS – S7E07)


A very different episode, as Buffy, Willow and Dawn meet with the dead and work through various issues in the process. It’s nice to see Joyce again, even in scary The First form.


39. To Shanshu in LA (ANG – S1E22)


Angel‘s rocky first seasons ends on a high, as Wolfram & Hart resurrect a surprising old friend. Plus, the Shanshu prophecy is revealed, which will have later significance.


38. Storyteller (BTVS – S7E16)


The funniest episode of season seven is the fourth-wall breaking ‘Storyteller’, which sees the world of Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres through the eyes of peppy geek Andrew.


37. Intervention (BTVS – S5E18)


On the one hand, Spike’s antics with the Buffybot are both highly creepy and hilarious. On the other, his dedication to protecting Dawn – and Buffy’s reaction to this – is very sweet.


36. Spin the Bottle (ANG – S4E06)


Team Angel are reverted to their teenage selves when a spell goes wrong. A welcome comedy episode in the heavy-going season four. Seeing early Cordy and Wesley again is wonderful.



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