Reviewing Smallville (Season Seven)

13. Hero

Boy, did this episode suck. It was nice to see Pete again, but he just isn’t interesting enough to carry the plot. Meanwhile, Kara’s amnesia storyline isn’t engaging in the way it should be.

14. Traveler

What a comeback! Lionel’s true motivations are revealed in an episode that retcons the twists and turns of the last few years into one coherent storyline. Just what does he really want with Clark? 9/10

15. Veritas

The secrets of Veritas are revealed and Brainiac is back with plans for Kara. Another strong one with lots of Luthor-centric drama. Though it’s annoying we still didn’t get to see Clark fly. 8.5/10

16. Descent

Just wow! On the one hand, I’m traumatised that one of Smallville‘s best characters is gone but on the other this is fantastic drama as Lex finally goes off the deep end. A total game-changing episode. 9.5/10

17. Sleeper

I didn’t mind last season’s noir-themed Jimmy-centric episode, but this James Bond pastiche was bit lacklustre. Better was the set-up for Clark travelling back to Krypton! 7.5/10

18. Apocalypse

Smallville does It’s A Wonderful Life in a terrific alt-universe episode which gives us some great easter eggs – President Lex, bespectacled Clark, Pulitzer-winning Lois. Exciting ending, too!




4 thoughts on “Reviewing Smallville (Season Seven)

      1. I like them but was happy with just 2 movies. They’re funny but they’re not perfect 😁. I enjoyed number 2 so would recommend seeing it.
        I didn’t laugh at all with the trailer so that’s saying something but I’m willing to give it a go.
        Really sorry about it being off topic, I saw the trailer and wondered if you’d have a ‘Trailer’ post done.


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