Reviewing Smallville (Season Seven)

19. Quest

The Jesus allegory has never been so strong, as Clark is literally painted as the saviour of mankind. Solid lead-in to the finale which promises a final showdown between Lex and Clark. 8.5/10

20. Artic

A frustrating finale that delivers underwhelming exists for Brainiac and Lana. The season-years-coming confrontation between Clark and Lex is fantastic but it should have been the focus of the episode. 8.5/10


Verdict: First of all, there is much to love about Smallville season seven. In episode-by-episode terms, the season is very solid and the central Veritas story arc is hugely impressive as it ties together seasons’ worth of storylines into one big conspiracy. Plus, it is thrilling to finally see Lex – Smallville‘s greatest character – turn to the dark side. However, this season is also incredibly jumbled. There are so many story arcs chucked at it that some of them suffer from the lack of space – the Grant Gabriel arc is the greatest wasted opportunity.

The greatest tragedy of the season, though, is that Clark’s character has grown stagnant. At this stage, it feels like the show is artificially holding him back from moving to Metropolis, romancing Lois and flying. With Lana out the way – finally! – at least the first two should be rectified next season. To sum up, some truly great episodes and ideas are let down by a somewhat confused bigger narrative.


Rating: 8.4



4 thoughts on “Reviewing Smallville (Season Seven)

      1. I like them but was happy with just 2 movies. They’re funny but they’re not perfect 😁. I enjoyed number 2 so would recommend seeing it.
        I didn’t laugh at all with the trailer so that’s saying something but I’m willing to give it a go.
        Really sorry about it being off topic, I saw the trailer and wondered if you’d have a ‘Trailer’ post done.


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