Reviewing Smallville (Season Nine)

12. Warrior

The full-on superheroics continue as a young boy pulls a Shazam and becomes Warrior Angel. I liked seeing Zatanna again, though the love triangle with Clark and Lois is annoying. 8.5/10

13. Persuasion

Clark gains the ability to make people do whatever he says, which leads to some funny, sweet Lois scenes as she turns into a “traditional woman.” Some dark Zod stuff is also squeezed in. 8.5/10

14. Conspiracy

A crazy man is experimenting on Kandorians in this mature episode that gives a fascinating and conflicting portrayal of Zod. He’s not out-and-out evil but, yeah, he’s a bad’un, all right. 8.5/10

15. Escape

Despite having a ridiculously goofy plot, this one was a lot of fun as it focussed on the various romances going on – Clark and Lois, Chloe and Oliver and (yawn) Tess and Zod. 8.5/10

16. Checkmate

Amanda Waller’s plan to recruit the Watchtower Team kicks off in an episode with some slick action sequences. Maybe it was the lack of Lois, but I wasn’t as enthused by this one as I could have been. 8/10

17. Upgrade

A Red K-ed Clark teams up with Zod, while Lois helps a redeemed Metallo. Clark going full-on supervillain could have been awesome but the episode isn’t brave enough to explore it. 8/10



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