Reviewing Smallville (Season Nine)

18. Charade

The Clark/Blur/Lois triangle comes to a head in a strong episode. It’s the usual ‘do I tell her my secret identity?’ story but, damn, that final scene is heartbreaking for Clois fans. 8.5/10

19. Sacrifice

A solid episode that does a good job at tying together the Kandorian and Checkmate plotlines. The final scene sets the scene nicely for the upcoming finale. Co-written by Justin Hartley. 8.5/10

20. Hostage

Yay, Martha Kent is finally back – with Perry White in tow! Lois finding her inner hero is a good character arc but it’s sad Clark and Lois had to break up for that to happen. There’s a good twist, too. 8.5/10

21. Salvation

Bloody hell, this one’s fantastic! The opening flashforward, the Superman foreshadowing, the heartbreaking Clois scenes and an extremely literal cliffhanger. Best finale in years. 9.5/10

Verdict: I’ve heard that some fans dislike these later seasons of Smallville but, in my opinion, they must have been watching a different show. Take season nine, for example. As a massive fan of the building relationship between Clark and Lois, this season has much to enjoy as we finally reach the classic love triangle between the pair and Clark’s superhero identity. With more of a serialised bent to the season, the overall episode quality was also really high.

Of course, this is Smallville and it can’t be a perfect season. Zod took a while to grow on me, though he did eventually become a pretty compelling villain. The driving force of the season’s second half – the hunt for the Book of Rao – was also a lot less interesting than the ‘avert the dystopian future’ plot of the first half. And the less said about Checkmate and anything to do with Tess the better.

Personally, then, this is one of my absolute favourite Smallville seasons, and it sets up season ten to be perhaps the best of the bunch. We’ll have to see how it fares in our following – and final – Smallville season review …


Rating: 8.5

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