Reviewing Smallville (Season Ten)

7. Ambush

Lane family drama ensues when Lois’ vigilante-hating father and her troublemaker sister (both last seen in S4) arrive for Thanksgiving. Some really well-written, well-acted character stuff. 8.5/10

8. Abandoned

An episode that looks at the parental issues of Clark, Lois and Tess, as well as explaining the latter’s shocking origin story. Very emotional in places – particularly Teri Hatcher’s cameo. 9/10

9. Patriot

Clark’s team stands up against corrupt General Slade Wilson as the Vigilante Registration Act goes into full swing. Great DC-filled stuff – Deathstroke! Mera! – and Lois joins Team Watchtower! 8.5/10

10. Luthor

Clark travels to Earth-2 – where he was raised a Luthor. A thrilling trip into a dystopian timeline (filmed in monochrome). The highlight, of course, is the return of proper evil Lionel Luthor! 9.5/10

11. Icarus

The VRA come close to locking up Team Watchtower in a great superhero-filled episode. The highlight is, of course, the well-earned bit of schmaltz that is Clark and Lois getting engaged! 9/10

12. Collateral

Smallville often homages famous movies but this virtual reality caper was just too close to The Matrix to be brilliant. Nice to see Chloe, though, and Clark actually flying (even if it was in cyberspace). 8/10



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