Reviewing Smallville (Season Ten)

19. Dominion

Clark and Oliver travel to the Phantom Zone and find General Zod is now in charge. It’s great to see Zod again and things get suitably dark and dramatic ahead of the oncoming finale. 8.5/10

20. Prophecy

This one’s exciting but it is too overstuffed to be a great episode – Kara and Oliver hunt for the Bow of Orion! Lois gets Clark’s powers! The Legion of Doom! And that ending is NOT COOL. 8/10

21. Finale

What a massive checklist of things this one had to deal with. Clark and Lois’ wedding. The return of Lex Luthor. The threat of Darkseid. Clark finally flying AND donning the Superman suit. As such, even with the feature-film length, ‘Finale’ is jam-packed. Naturally, that means some stuff doesn’t get enough attention but on the whole there is just too much awesomeness here to care too much. It both looks back to the past and to the future, just about every major character makes a return and finally gives us what we have waited ten whole seasons for. The final scene, in particular, might just be my favourite finale scene of a TV series of all time. 9.5/10

Verdict: Let’s just come out and say it: Smallville season ten is definitely the show’s finest hour. With the knowledge that it was going to the series’ final run, the showmakers gave us just about everything we could have hoped for. Clark and Lois became the unbreakable item we know from Superman lore, Clark himself perfected his dual identity, even the Justice League had an increased role. Not to mention Chloe and Oliver’s own romance and the fact that they even managed to make Tess Mercer a likeable, interesting character. Essentially, it’s Smallville: The Greatest Hits as there are various cameos and recurring roles for old favourites – best of all are Lionel and Lex. Yes, there are flaws. The season probably bit off more than it could chew which means a few things aren’t explored as fully as you might like. But the level of excitement that steadily builds throughout the season is more than enough to make up for that. As Clark Kent finally takes to the skies, Smallville ends on a soaring final season.

Rating: 8.8

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