Reviewing Smallville (Season Ten)

13. Beacon

The VRA plotline comes to a solid close, but what really makes this episode shine is the return of Martha and Lionel teaming up with Alexander for some evil Luthor goodness. Classic Smallville! 8.5/10

14. Masquerade

Lois helps Clark try to figure out how to juggle his two identities while Oliver and Chloe go all Mr and Mrs Smith. This one is loads of fun and Clark finally adopts his ‘mild-mannered’ disguise! 8.5/10

15. Fortune

Clark and Lois’ Bacherlor/ette parties take a wild turn. A ridiculously broad comedy episode. Highlights include drunk Clark, crossdressing Ollie and a poignant end for Chloe and Oliver. 8.5/10

16. Scion

Half-Clark, Half-Lex clone Conner has to juggle his light and dark sides. I love Superboy as a character so I naturally found this an amazing episode. Awesome final twist with Lionel too. 9/10

17. Kent

A great counterpart to ‘Luthor’ as Clark gets sent back to Earth-2. This time it’s an emotional look at how the Kents made Clark who he is. The loss of the Kent farm is a surprisingly heartstring-tugging moment. 8.5/10

18. Booster

Booster Gold travels from the future to take Clark’s place in history. A terrific episode which introduces not one but two underrated DC heroes. Plus, Tom Welling finally gets to play the Christopher Reeve-esque bumbling reporter. Another classic episode from writer Geoff Johns.  9.5/10



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