25 Best Smallville Episodes (Seasons 6-10)

Luthor (S10 E10)

Clark travels to Earth-2 – where he was raised a Luthor. A thrilling trip into a dystopian timeline (filmed in monochrome). The highlight, of course, is the return of proper evil Lionel Luthor!


Icarus (S10 E11)

The VRA come close to locking up Team Watchtower in a great superhero-filled episode. The highlight is, of course, the well-earned bit of schmaltz that is Clark and Lois getting engaged!


Scion (S10 E16)

Half-Clark, Half-Lex clone Conner has to juggle his light and dark sides. I love Superboy as a character so I naturally found this an amazing episode. Awesome final twist with Lionel too.


Booster (S10 E18)

Booster Gold travels from the future to take Clark’s place in history. A terrific episode which introduces not one but two underrated DC heroes. Plus, Tom Welling finally gets to play the Christopher Reeve-esque bumbling reporter. Another classic episode from writer Geoff Johns.


Finale (S10 E21)

What a massive checklist of things this one had to deal with. Clark and Lois’ wedding. The return of Lex Luthor. The threat of Darkseid. Clark finally flying AND donning the Superman suit. As such, even with the feature-film length, Finale is jam-packed. Naturally, that means some stuff doesn’t get enough attention but on the whole there is just too much awesomeness here to care too much. It both looks back to the past and to the future, just about every major character makes a return and finally gives us what we have waited ten whole seasons for. The final scene, in particular, might just be my favourite finale scene of a TV series of all time.


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