25 Best Smallville Episodes (Seasons 6-10)

Bride (S8 E10)

Chloe and Jimmy’s wedding turns into a tragedy when Doomsday crashes the party. A terrific mix of romantic drama and superhero action. The highlight is Clark and Lois’ near-kiss


Legion (S8 E11)

The Legion (of Super-Heroes) from the 31st century arrives in time to help Clark defeat Brainiac once and for all. Amazing Superman foreshadowing and a great final showdown.


Eternal (S8 E18)

A really strong flashback-heavy one that examines Davis’ origins, which parallel Clark’s. There is also some fun rewriting of the old Native American mythology. Very dark and dramatic.


Idol (S9 E8)

The Wonder Twins are incredibly goofy (well, they are from Super Friends) but, as usual, Clark and Lois save the episode as Lois begins to work out who the Blur really is.


Pandora (S9 E9)

An awesome visit to the Zod-ruled dystopian future where everything has gone to pot – and things get steamy between Clark and Lois. Plus, in the present, the pair finally become a couple!




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