25 Best Smallville Episodes (Seasons 6-10)

Absolute Justice (S9 E11)

A feature-length extravaganza of an episode. Kind of like a colourful version of Watchmen. With the introduction of the Justice Society, we get more superheroes here than the whole rest of the show combined. It also sets up some interesting new plot threads (“there’s an apocalypse – or is it Apokolips? – coming.”). 100% comic book goodness.


Sacrifice (S9 E21)

There is so much to love in this one. The opening flashforward, the Superman foreshadowing, the heartbreaking Clois scenes and an extremely literal cliffhanger. The best finale for years.


Lazarus (S10 E1)

Season ten kicks off in style with a terrific episode that is packed with cameos, callbacks and new revelations. Exciting (the Daily Planet globe save) and emotional. (Jonathan’s tear-jerking return).


Homecoming (S10 E4)

Smallville does A Christmas Carol as Brainiac 5 takes Clark on a journey through past, present and future and makes him understand what he needs to do to reach his true destiny. Thrills, nostalgia, foreshadowing, romance, emotion – ‘Homecoming’ has it all. This is my favourite Smallville episode of all time.


Abandoned (S10 E8)

An episode that looks at the parental issues of Clark, Lois and Tess, as well as explaining the latter’s shocking origin story. Very emotional in places – particularly Teri Hatcher’s cameo.




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