A Guide To Every DC Supervillain Who Appeared On Smallville


Played by: Sam Witwer (Davis), Dario Delacio (Doomsday)

Episodes: 12 (Davis), 6 (Doomsday)

The genetically-engineered “son” of General Zod, Doomsday arrived on Earth the same day Clark did. While believing himself to be the human Davis Bloome, he was destined to embrace his monstrous side and destroy Superman.


General Zod

Played by: Callum Blue

Episodes: 17

Once a respected military leader and close friend of Jor-El, Zod’s thirst for power led him to rebel – going so far as to destroy Krypton. Both his phantom and the clone of his younger self later attempted to takeover Earth.



Played by: James Marsters/Allison Mack

Episodes: 14 (Marsters), 8 (Mack)

A creation of Jor-El, the Brain InterActive Construct (BrainIAC) was a vast artificial intelligence corrupted by Zod to serve him. He was loyal to the General until he was rebooted by the Legion of Super-Heroes, becoming the heroic Brainiac-5.


Lex Luthor

Played by: Michael Rosenbaum

Episodes: 157

Once Clark Kent’s best friend, Lex Luthor could not keep his dark side in check and became the villain he always feared he would become. In the future, Lex becomes President of the United States – and, if a prophetic vision is to be believed, he may destroy the entire Justice League!


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