A Guide To Every DC Supervillain Who Appeared On Smallville


Played by: Tom Welling

Episodes: 2

Clark Kent’s Earth-2 counterpart is Clark Luthor, a corrupted version of himself who was raised by Lionel Luthor. The supervillain Ultra-Man is usually the leader of the evil Crime Syndicate.



Played by: Brian Austin Green

Episodes: 3

John Corben was once a charming journalist but his life changed after a car accident caused him to need a kryptonite heart. He hated the Blur but his feelings for Lois kept him from being totally evil.



Played by: Michael Hogan

Episodes: 2

General Slade Wilson was a vigilante-hating military man corrupted by Darkseid. Despite being wholly different from the comics’ Deathstroke, he was still a fearsome opponent for the Justice League – even killing Hawkman.



Played by: Tom Welling

Episodes: 5

Bizarro is a Kryptonian genetic experiment banished to the Phantom Zone. It bonded with Clark’s DNA and became a dark copy of him. It soaked up his emotions, however, giving the creature some humanity. Another very loose adaptation.



Played by: Michael Daingerfield/Steve Byers/John Glover

Episodes: 6

Darkseid is an ancient evil that hailed from the planet Apokolips. Unlike the comic book version, he appears to be non-corporeal and feeds off the darkness of others. He can, however, be defeated by a being of pure light – Superman.



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