A Guide To Every DC Supervillain Who Appeared On Smallville

Mr Mxyzptlk

Played by: Trent Ford

Episodes: 1

A fifth-dimensional imp in the comics, Smallville reimagined Mr Mxyzptlk as Mikhail, a foreign exchange student with the power to “control the odds” with his words (e.g. saying “trip” would make someone trip).


Icicle Jr.

Played by: Wesley Macinnes

Episodes: 1 (feature-length)

Ice-cold metahuman Cameron Mahkent murdered many members of the Justice Society of America as revenge for the JSA putting his father, the original Icicle, in a coma.


Maxwell Lord

Played by: Gil Bellows

Episodes: 2

The Black King of Checkmate, the telepathic Maxwell Lord was obsessed with discovering the Blur’s identity. Lord is a powerful businessman in the comics and a much more formidable foe.


Amanda Waller

Played by: Pam Grier

Episodes: 3

Known as the White Queen, Amanda Waller is the head of spy organisation Checkmate and the founder of the Suicide Squad. She was extremely ruthless in her attempts to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial threat.



Played by: Chris Gauthier

Episodes: 3

Winslow Schott was a gifted inventor – but also totally insane. With a childlike personality, Toyman used his toy-like gadgets and bombs to terrorize the citizens of Metropolis.



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