The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes (Part One)

30. Mr Plow (S4)


Homer starts up a snow plow business in one of the funniest and most famous episodes of the series… and you’ve now got the Mr Plow jingle stuck in your head, am I right?


29. Lisa The Vegetarian (S7)


One of those rare installments where the rest button is not hit at the end, this is a witty episode with a great message about tolerating those with different beliefs.


28. 22 Short Films About Springfield (S7)


The Simpsons‘s has such a colourful bunch of supporting characters, it makes sense to showcase just about all of them in sketch show episode which cleverly spoofs Pulp Fiction.


27. Bart of Darkness (S6)


Has Flanders murd-diddly-ered his wife Maude (“But why? She’s such a fox”)? A housebound Bart thinks so in another terrific movie parody – this time Hitchcock’s Rear Window.


26. Lisa’s Substitute (S2)


One of the first near-perfect installments of the show. There are lots of jokes at Homer’s expense and you can’t not well up at the substitute’s leaving note to Lisa…


If these episodes didn’t make the top 25, which ones did? Find out in the next exciting installment of ‘The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes’!

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