The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes (Part One)

45. Hurricane Neddy (S8)


Just why is Ned so good-natured all the time? We get to find out here in an episode which delivers a rare psychological evaluation – as well as great jokes – of neighbourino Flanders.


44. Treehouse of Horror VI (S7)


The anthology set-up of ToH episodes means they aren’t always consistent, but this one manages three crackers – though it’s most remembered for Homer’s journey into the third dimension.


43. Trilogy of Error (S12)


A funny and well-constructed episode, as we see the same day from various family members’ perspectives. Several episodes since have aped its high concept but haven’t matched up to it.


42. Brick Like Me (S25)


This Lego-themed episode felt like a breath of fresh air in the modern so-so incarnation of the show. More than just a gimmick, there is real heart to this latter-day classic.


41. Lisa the Simpson (S9)

960 (1)

Lisa worries that the Simpsons’ stupidity gene will affect her. An insightful episode which highlights how unlike the rest of her family Lisa really is.



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