The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes (Part One)

40. Rosebud (S5)


Mr Burns’ childhood is explored in this Citizen Kane-aping episode. By fleshing out one of the show’s most iconic characters, this one is naturally excellent. 


39. Homer The Great (S6)


Who keeps Atlantis off the maps, who keeps the Martian under wraps? Homer finds out in this highly quotable installment which contains one of the show’s best ever songs.


38. Treehouse of Horror VII (S8)


What can I say? I love ToH episodes! Another classic from The Simpsons‘ heyday as Kang and Kodos run for presidency, Lisa creates a tiny civilization and, best of all, Bart has an evil twin…


37. Black Widower (S3)


The first Sideshow Bob episode on our list, and its really the first time that he becomes the master criminal that we know and love, as he tries to kill his new bride Selma.


36. Lisa’s Date with the Density (S8)


Lisa can’t believe it when she develops a crush on Nelson ‘Haw Haw’ Muntz. Also, Milhouse’s love for Lisa is established for the first time – it’s possibly the guy’s funniest hour, too.




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