The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes (Part One)

35. A Star is Burns (S6)


Springfield puts on a short film festival in an episode so hilarious you’ll never even notice it’s a shameless plug for short-lived series The Critic. Highlight: man getting hit by football.


34. $pringfield (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Legalized Gambling) (S5)


Marge develops a gambling problem in Mr Burns’ new casino – and hilarity ensues as Homer fails to look after the house and kids. Can he rescue his wife from Gamblor’s neon claws?


33. Deep Space Homer (S5)


Yes, it’s the one where Homer eats potato chips in space! The rest of the episode is great too, though. One of the wackiest and full-on cartoony installments of the series.


32. Treehouse of Horror (S2)


The very first and still one of the best. There’s the debut of Kang and Kodos (and the show’s first Twilight Zone parody) as well as James Earl Jones reading Poe for a touch of culture.


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