25 Best Smallville Episodes (Seasons 1-5)

Obsession (S3 E14)


For once, a meteor freak – a teleporter – is obsessed with Clark, not Lana. A very fun riff on Fatal Attraction, but it’s also sad to see Clark find someone right for him only for it to go wrong.


Truth (S3 E18)


With so many secrets rolling around, Chloe developing the power to make people tell the truth made for a fantastic shock-filled episode. Chloe drunk on journalistic power is kinda scary.


Memoria (S3 E19)


Wowzer! A look back at Lex’s fractured childhood and Lionel’s “particular brand of parenting” makes for the most dramatically satisfying episode of the show yet. Absolutely perfect.


Covenant (S3 E22)


A girl claiming to be Kara from Krypton arrives in the Kents’ lives, just as Lionel’s murder trial beckons. A tense watch with – as is customary for Smallville – a memorably final scene to end the season on.


Crusade (S4 E1)


So many great things about this one. Erica Durance’s Lois is immediately fantastic. There’s a cameo from Margot Kidder. And we finally see Clark fly! Another strong season opener.



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