25 Best Smallville Episodes (Seasons 1-5)

Commencement (S4 E22)


Another meteor shower is about to hit Smallville, just as Clark and his friends graduate high school. Meanwhile, Lex intensifies his search for the Kryptonian stones. Amazing, thrilling finale.


Arrival (S5 E1)


The Fortress of Solitude! The Disciples of Zod! The Phantom Zone! A cracking season opener this, that really raises the game for the rest of the season. Plus, surprise James Marsters!


Lexmas (S5 E9)


Lex gets shot and has reverse-A Wonderful Life vision of a perfect life. Michael Rosenbaum – as always – is excellent. Meanwhile, Clark meets the real Santa in a silly but heartwarming subplot.


Reckoning (S5 E12)


What a 100th episode this was! Lots of callbacks to the Christopher Reeve movies, time warps, romance, fake-outs and a big emotional death. The show surely won’t be the same again.


Vessel (S5 E22)


Perhaps the biggest finale yet – as Zod possesses Lex, brings hell on Earth, threatens the lives of Martha and Lois and traps Clark in the Phantom Zone. How will things work out? Watch Season Six to find out…


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