25 Best Smallville Episodes (Seasons 1-5)

Run (S4 E5)


Look, it’s The Flash! Finally, Smallville is embracing its comic book roots a bit more with the introduction of fellow hero Bart Allen. The junior Justice League begins to form…


Transference (S4 E6)


A dying Lionel switches bodies with Clark in an amazing episode that sports two great performances from Tom Welling and John Glover, as they impersonate each other.


Unsafe (S4 E11)


Teleporter and ex-bunny boiler Alicia Baker (AKA the best meteor freak ever) returns and Clark thinks he’s found the one for him. Surprisingly great for A Very Special Episode.


Pariah (S4 E12)


Everyone suspects Alicia of reverting to her mad ways when Lana is attacked. A tragic closer to the Alicia trilogy and a very mature, game-changing episode. The villain’s a bit rubbish though.


Onyx (S4 E17)


Lex is split into two in a stupendous episode that gives us a hint at the “real” Lex Luthor. Michael Rosenbaum gives a tour-de-force performance in one of the show’s best.



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