20 Greatest Ever Superhero Movie Themes

Every superhero needs a super theme tune. Here’s our countdown of the 20 finest themes in the history of superhero cinema…


20. Doctor Strange, Michael Giacchino

Straight out the cinemas and onto our list, Doctor Strange‘s theme is unlike any other MCU score – a 70s throwback, Pink Floyd-esque number that perfect fits such a psychedelic film.


19. Ant-Man, Christophe Beck

Marvel’s tiniest hero gets a big, bold theme tune from one time Buffy composer Christophe Beck. Full of tense beats, it doesn’t break the mold like Doctor Strange but it is super catchy.


18. The Mask, Randy Edelman

The Mask is often remembered for its musical numbers ‘Hey Pachuco’ and ‘Cuban Pete’, but its theme is great value too. The sinister central rhythm really fits the weird titular hero. Smokin’!


17. The Rocketeer, James Horner

Here’s another 90s throwback for you. The Rocketeer is a delightful love letter to wartime matinee serials, so it’s theme is suitably old-fashioned and emotionally stirring.



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