20 Greatest Ever Superhero Movie Themes

4. The Avengers, Alan Silvestri

Alan Silvestri returned for The Avengers, delivering a thumpingly good theme that completely captured the excitement of seeing Marvel’s heroes team up for the very first time.


3. Spider-Man, Danny Elfman

There have been many superhero movies since Spider-Man arrived in 2002 but its theme tune still beats every other superhero theme from this century – and probably will for a long time yet.


2. Batman, Danny Elfman

Before he gave us the Spider-Man theme, Danny Elfman composed the grand, gothic beauty that is the theme to 1989’s Batman movie. There is only one other theme out there that beats it.


1. Superman, John Williams

Yes, the best superhero movie theme is in fact the very first one ever. John Williams’ sweeping score is everything a superhero theme should be. It truly made us believe a man could fly.

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