20 Greatest Ever Superhero Movie Themes

16. The Amazing Spider-Man, James Horner

Another theme from the late, great James Horner. It doesn’t have the power of Danny Elfman’s work, but it’s still a good one. If you like this, also check out TASM-2‘s very different version.


15. Batman Forever, Elliot Goldenthal

The campy direction Batman Forever took the franchise in left a lot to be desired but its bombastic theme suits the newfound OTT tone, while still retaining something of the gothic.


14. Man of Steel, Hans Zimmer

There’s no replacing John William’s 1978 score, but Hans Zimmer did a good job with his work on Man of Steel. It’s got his usual dramatic pulses, but there’s a more overtly heroic element too


13. Wonder Woman, Hans Zimmer + Junkie XL

The most exciting bit of Batman v Superman was the moment this awesome theme started playing as Wonder Woman finally made her cinematic debut after 75 years.



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