The Buffyverse’s 50 Greatest Episodes (Part Two)

It’s Buffy’s 20th anniversary! To celebrate this momentous occasion, it’s time for part two of our look at the finest episodes of this ground-breaking, much-loved series…


25. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (BTVS – S2E16)

Xander casts a love spell for Cordelia that makes every woman in Sunnydale fall in love with him. A hilarious antidote to the darkness of the rest of the season. Very underrated one, this.


24. Normal Again (BTVS – S6E17)

Buffy hallucinates another life where vampires and Slayers are just delusions – or is this the real world? A brilliantly post-modern episode that presents a chilling alternate explanation for the show.


23. Hero (ANG – S1E09)

Doyle only lasted for nine episodes but he made a big impression and he went out with a big heroic sacrifice in this emotional shocker. Warning: this won’t be the last ‘death episode’ on this list.


22. Halloween (BTVS – S2E06)

Giles’ old enemy Ethan Rayne turns everyone into their Halloween costumes. The first ‘out-of-character’ episode of the show gives us, in my opinion, probably the first truly great Buffy episode.


21. Fool For Love (BTVS – S5E07)

Spike’s backstory is explored in what is perhaps the vampire bad boy’s finest hour as it nails each part of his character; his dark past, his love for Buffy and proof that Spike has more humanity than any other vamp.



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