The Buffyverse’s 50 Greatest Episodes (Part Two)

5. Becoming (Parts One and Two) (BTVS – S2E21/22)

The finale that hits the hardest, though, is ‘Becoming’ as it is the most personal to Buffy, as she goes against her former lover turned evil. Another gun-wrenching final scene. “Close your eyes…”


4. Restless (BTVS – S4E22)

What other show would be brave enough to have a surreal, poetic dream episode in place of a normal action-packed finale? ‘Restless’ is packed with foreshadowing, symbolism, hidden meanings and it delivers something new on each viewing.


3. The Body (BTVS – S5E16)

The single most devastating episode of television ever. As the finest and most realistic depiction of grief you’ll find anywhere, there is a strong case to be made that ‘The Body’ is Buffy‘s greatest episode. However, it isn’t one you will want to watch over and over.


2. Hush (BTVS – S4E10)

Who would have thought an episode that robbed the show of its signature strong dialogue would be so awesome? A clever (silent) discussion of communication is mixed in with the best monsters Buffy ever produced – the grinning, sartorially-sharp Gentlemen.


1. Once More With Feeling (BTVS – S6E07)

It’s near impossible to pick but I’m going to name ‘Once More With Feeling’ AKA the musical episode as Buffy‘s finest hour. It’s not just that the songs are really catchy – though they are super-catchy – but that it also a hugely important one for the characters’ arcs. ‘OMWF’ just sums up what all TV shows could and should learn from Buffy: with a little more imagination and effort, you can make something truly special.

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