The Buffyverse’s 50 Greatest Episodes (Part Two)

10. Not Fade Away (ANG – S5E22)

Angel‘s finale is controversial for its ambiguous ending but it perfectly fits the show’s central theme – that the battle between good and evil never ends. The rest of the episode is also terrific for shocks and drama.


9. Chosen (BTVS – S7E22)

‘Chosen’, on the other hand, wraps up everything perfectly. There’s lots of scale, shocking deaths, last hurrahs and it all ends on a strong feminist message. The way the show deserved to go.


8. The Gift (BTVS – S5E22)

Originally envisioned as the series finale, ‘The Gift’ gives us Buffy’s most heroic moment in her tragic self-sacrifice. If you’re not crying by the final shot, you have no soul, you vampire you.


7. Surprise/Innocence (BTVS – S2E13/14)

Angel sleeps with Buffy, which costs him his soul. A definitive story that sees Buffy at its dramatic and metaphorical peak. The blend of the supernatural and real-life teen experience is pitch-perfect.


6. Graduation Day (Parts One and Two) (BTVS – S3E21/22)

Hoo boy, Buffy is amazing at finales. The Mayor’s ascension aligns with Buffy’s graduation in another episode that ingeniously marries the two sides of the show. Plus, it ends Buffy‘s high school years with a literal bang.



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