The Buffyverse’s 50 Greatest Episodes (Part Two)

15. Smile Time (ANG – S5E14)

Angel gets turned into a puppet in the weirdest and most wonderful episode of Angel ever. It’s an off-the-wall laugh riot from beginning to end. “You’re a wee little puppet man!”


14. The Wish (BTVS – S3E09)

‘Alt-universe’ TV episodes are common but this is possibly the greatest. Vampire Willow is a terrific creation and The Wishverse is truly horrifying. Plus, the first appearance of Anya!


13. This Year’s Girl/Who Are You (BTVS – S4E15/16)

Buffy and Faith switch bodies in a terrific two-parter which brilliantly examines what it is like to live in someone else’s skin and how our lives/friends/environments affect our personalities.


12. Doppelgangland (BTVS – S3E16)

It’s a tough one to pick but I think this has to be the finest comedy Buffy episode of the lot. Whedon’s wit has never been sharper and I find a new favourite line every time I watch it.


11. Hole in the World (ANG – S5E15)

After ‘The Body’, this is the most emotionally-draining episode in the Buffyverse. One long goodbye to amazing, loveable Fred that is guaranteed to have you blubbing by the end.


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