15 Smallville Actors Who Appeared In The DCEU

10. David Lewis

Smallville Role: Macy (1 episode, season 8)

DCEU Role: Major Laramore (Man of Steel)

It’s fair enough if you don’t recall David Lewis’ two DC roles, but he has appeared in both the DCEU and Smallville all the same. He first featured as a crazy man torturing engaged couples (including Clark and Lois!) in the latter. In the former, he played a minor role as a military man who watches Superman take on General Zod in Man of Steel. 


9. Mark Gibbon

Smallville Role: Deputy/Mr Raines/Sacks’ Bodyguard (4 episodes, seasons 1-2, 9)

DCEU Role: Roughneck (Man of Steel)

Mark Gibbon turned up in several supporting roles across Smallville‘s ten-year run. It’s possible this helped him nab a part in Man of Steel. Gibbon plays one of the oil rig workers rescued by Superman. Fun fact: Gibbon also turned up in a cameo role as General Zod in Supergirl‘s season 2 finale.


8. Tahmoh Peniket

Smallville Role: Wes Keenan/Vince Davis (3 episodes, seasons 3, 7)

DCEU Role: Jed Eubanks (Man of Steel)

Tahmoh Peniket played a couple of Smallville roles, most notably Wes Keenan, Lois’ first boyfriend brainwashed by Lex Luthor into becoming a super-powered soldier. He later appeared in Man of Steel, as a guy who gives Lois info on Clark Kent. This isn’t even it for Peniket’s DC history. He also turned up for an episode of Arrow’s first season and voiced Steve Trevor in Justice League: Gods and Monsters.



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