15 Smallville Actors Who Appeared In The DCEU

7. Mackenzie Gray

Smallville Role: Lex Luthor Clone/Alistair Krieg (2 episodes, season 6, 10)

DCEU Role: Jax-Ur (Man of Steel)

Mackenzie Gray first appeared on Smallville as a creepy scientist responsible for turning Victor Stone into Cyborg. He later reappeared as a clone of Lex Luthor suffering from accelerated aging. In Man of Steel, Gray featured as Jax-Ur, a classic comic book character portrayed here as an acolyte of General Zod.


6. Ted Whittall

Smallville Role: Rick Flag/Carter Bowfry (5 episodes, season 8, 10)

DCEU Role: Agent Olsen (Suicide Squad)

Ted Whittal played a couple of notable Smallville roles. His first character trained Lana Lang to the peak of physical fitness, which aided her journey to becoming a hero. Later, he played Rick Flag, the field team leader of the Suicide Squad. It’s no coincidence, then, that he later appeared in 2016’s Suicide Squad as a government associate of Amanda Waller.


5. Joe Morton

Smallville Role: Dr Steven Hamilton (4 episodes, seasons 1-2)

DCEU Role: Silas Stone (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League)

Joe Morton played Dr Stephen Hamilton (no relation to Emil) across Smallville‘s first two seasons. Lately, he has appeared in two DCEU movies (so far) as Silas Stone, the head of STAR Labs and the father – and creator – of Cyborg. It’s likely that this was probably due to his most famous role as Miles Dyson, the creator of Skynet, in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.



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