15 Smallville Actors Who Appeared In The DCEU

13. Chad Krowchuck

Smallville Role: Wendell Johnson (1 episode, season 4)

DCEU Role: Glenn Woodburn (Man of Steel)

As well as dating Smallville actress Allison Mack for several years, Krowchuck appeared in a minor role in one episode as one of the kids trapped in a recreation of Smallville High by a crazed student. He later appeared in Man of Steel as a blogger that Lois Lane conspires with to get her piece on the Kryptonian ship published.


12. Ian Tracey

Smallville Role: Lincoln Cole (1 episode, season 5)

DCEU Role: Ludlow (Man of Steel)

Tracey played a villain-of-the-week on one Smallville episode – a warped individual who wanted revenge on Lionel Luthor and so put him through ironic, twisted punishments, he was a bit of a Jigsaw rip-off. The actor also turned up in Man of Steel as one of the roughnecks who makes unwanted advances on a waitress who Clark Kent protects.


11. David Paetkau

Smallville Role: Trevor/Dan Turpin (2 episodes, season 1, 8)

DCEU Role: Northcom Threat Analyst (Man of Steel)

This actor turned up twice on Smallville. First as a jock at Smallville High who is abused by the hot-headed football coach. Seasons later, he appeared as cop Dan Turpin, a younger version of a classic Superman comics character. Paetkau also appears in Man of Steel in a minor role. He has the distinction of being the first person to utter the word “Superman” in the film.



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