15 Smallville Actors Who Appeared In The DCEU

1. Amy Adams

Smallville Role: Jodi Melville (1 episode, season 1)

DCEU Role: Lois Lane (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League)

The most notable Smallville actor to appear in the DCEU is, of course, Amy Adams. Long before she was cast as the one and only Lois Lane (a role she had auditioned for twice before), Adams appeared in an episode of SV’s debut season. Unfortunately, it was in a tone-deaf role – Adams plays an overweight girl who needs to feast on human flesh to stay slim. Well, as Martha Kent explained in Justice League, Clark did say that Lois was the hungriest woman he’s ever met.


And Let’s Not Forget…

Man of Steel features a handful of easter eggs to Smallville characters:

  • Though their relationship is not explored, Lana Lang appears as a young teen (played by Jadin Gould). During the bus crash, a bully mocks Lana’s concern about Clark, asking “what are you? His girlfriend?” This is a nod to the couple’s romantic history in the comics and the TV show.
  • Clark’s childhood buddy Pete Ross is also featured. However, this version is very different to the staunch friend that Pete was on Smallville. Here, Pete is a bully… until he finds out Clark’s secret when the super-boy saves him from drowning in the aforementioned bus crash.
  • In another flashback to Clark’s youth, he and Jonathan Kent are having a heart-to-heart about a store called Sullivan’s Truck and Tire Repair. Director Zack Snyder has confirmed that this is a reference to Chloe Sullivan, a character exclusive to Smallville. 
  • Another Smallville-exclusive character alluded to is Whitney Fordham, Lana’s boyfriend in season one. A mention is made to “the Fordham boy” at one point and one of the kids on the school bus is even credited as “Whitney Fordham.”

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